is the iron curtain the berlin wall

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  • What is the difference between the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall?

  • The Iron Curtain was not actually a physical wall in most places, but it separated the communist and capitalist countries. The Berlin wall on the other hand was actually a wall that was built right through the middle of Berlin the capital of Germany.

  • What was the Iron Curtain in the Cold War?

  • On either side of the Iron Curtain, states developed their own international military alliances, namely the Warsaw Pact and NATO. Physically, the Iron Curtain took the form of border defenses between the countries of Europe in the middle of the continent, most notably the Berlin Wall.

  • What was the Berlin Wall and why was it built?

  • This iron curtain was called the Berlin Wall. This wall not only separated families and friends but it was the cause of East Germanys loss of freedom and democracy. The Berlin Wall was a symbol of communism and oppression, but the fall of it would lead to a new world of freedom and opportunities.

  • What happened to the Iron Curtain after Stalin died?

  • The restrictions and the rigidity of the Iron Curtain were somewhat reduced in the years following Joseph Stalin death in 1953, although the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961 restored them.

    is the iron curtain the berlin wall

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