how to weight down outdoor curtains

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Simple,If you have some furniture on your deck,you canturn them in the direction of where the wind is blowing from. They will block the wind and keep your outdoor curtains weighed down. Alternatively,you can set a chair at the bottom of the curtain and weigh it down.

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  • How do you weigh outdoor curtains?

  • Weigh your outdoor curtains with a utility link chain . Use fishing weights or washers instead. Clip curtains together or tie them to the ground. Make pretty DIY stone curtain weights. Let the curtains drape at the top or invest in tab top curtains . Make wind slits on the surface of the drapes.

  • Why do Curtains need to be weighted?

  • Even a little bit of weight can make sure the curtains lay neatly instead of bunching up or getting out of line even if a strong breeze comes through the window. The pleats you envision will become a reality with weights. Without weights, they will look messy. It’s a bit like ironing clothes in order to make sure they look really good.

  • How do I keep my outdoor curtains from coming off?

  • Run the utility link chain through the bottom hem. Use fish sinkers, washers, and river stones as weights. Clip curtains together and tie them to the ground. Keep the curtains scalloped at the top. Make wind slits on the surface of each drape. Are your outdoor curtains constantly on the move? They just won stay put, no matter what you do?

  • How do you hang a weighted curtain with a chain?

  • Hang your weighted curtains on the rod; make any adjustments to ensure the chain remains evenly distributed. You can also sew fabric-covered small coins, faucet washers or other flat objects inside the hems, but make sure these items do not rust or stain fabrics.

    how to weight down outdoor curtains

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