how to wash shower curtain lining

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How to Clean a Shower Curtain LinerSimply take down the curtain and toss it in your washing machine.Add a bath towel to help with scrubbing the shower liner.Make sure you keep it on the gentle setting to avoid damaging the liner.Hang the shower curtain liner to dry.

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  • How to wash a shower curtain?

  • How to Wash a Shower Curtain. There are two different methods you can use to wash a plastic shower curtain, and both are fairly painless. Method 1 ?The Washing Machine: Wash your shower curtain in the washer using warm water combined with vinegar, baking soda or gentle laundry detergent.

  • How do you clean a shower curtain liner ring?

  • Detach the curtain or liner from the shower rod and take off all of the rings. If they檙e looking dingy, you can clean the rings separately by soaking them in the sink with hot water and a cup of white vinegar. Lay the curtain in the bathtub and dampen it with water.

  • Can you put a shower curtain liner in the dryer?

  • You must, however, be prepared for the dripping water. Do not put the liner in the dryer to heat dry it. While you could stick it in the drier for a few minutes on cool to shake off excess water, be careful. Hot air can melt the liner and ruin both it and your dryer. Remove the shower curtain liner and throw it in the wash to remove surface stains.

  • How do you put a shower liner in the wash?

  • To use your washing machine, separate the liner from the curtain, put the liner in the wash, and set your machine for a small to medium-sized load with warm water. As the washer begins to fill, pour 1 cup of vinegar in where the soap usually goes.

    how to wash shower curtain lining

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