how to wash rubber backed curtains

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If you’ve decided it’s best not to put your rubber-backed curtains in a washing machine,you can wash them by hand in a couple of different ways.Hang them outside and saturate them with a garden hose,sponge them down with a soapy sponge and then rinse. Or wash them gently in a laundry tub or even in your bathtub with a mild detergent.

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  • How do you clean rubber backed curtains?

  • To wash rubber-backed curtains outdoors, hang them from a clothesline or spread them out on a clean tarp. Spray the curtains thoroughly with a hose. Use a clean, large sponge (as you would use to wash a car) to work mild laundry detergent into the fabric. Rinse the curtains with the hose until the water runs clear with no suds.

  • Can I wash the rubber backing on my drapes?

  • In the summer, the drapes shield rooms from sunlight and heat to keep them cooler, while during colder months the curtains block drafts and provide an extra layer of insulation to keep a home warmer. The very element that provides these benefits, however, requires extra care and gentle treatment when you wash the drapes: the rubber backing.

  • How to wash thermal-backed curtains?

  • How to Wash Thermal-Backed Curtains 1 Things You Will Need 2 Tip. Thermal-backed curtains only can be ironed on the fabric side using a warm or low heat setting. 3 Warning. Never leave thermal-backed curtains to soak, and avoid hot water and bleach, which may damage the thermal backing.

  • Can you put rubber backed curtains in the dryer?

  • Curtains treated with a rubber backing should never go in a dryer or the rubber will start to crack and peel, ruining the backing and clogging your dryer with bits of rubber. You may hang wet curtains up to dry indoors, but the rubber backing means that they’ll dry slowly and mildew may set in if you’re air-drying them in a poorly ventilated room.

    how to wash rubber backed curtains

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