how to wash outdoor curtains

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How do you clean outdoor curtains?Remove the gazebo curtains,if possible,and lay them out in the sunlight.Rub the curtains with a stiff-bristle brush to scrape away loose mildew spores.Dip a cloth or sponge in chlorine bleach,then blot the mildewed spots with it if the curtain is white.Wet another cloth with warm,soapy water.

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  • How to clean sheer curtains in the wash?

  • Wash sheer curtains on a regular basis even if they don look dirty, because by the time dirt appears they can be permanently discolored. Clean these fragile fabrics gently. Make sure they fill no more than half the machine, and let them soak for 5 minutes in cold water. Use a mild detergent, and if you wish, a whitening agent.

  • How do you get dirt out of curtains?

  • Submerge the curtains into the sudsy water. With a gentle hand, swish the fabric around in the water to loosen up dirt. Let the soapy water go down the drain or pour it out of the bucket. Replace with clean lukewarm to cool water.

  • Do you have to dry clean curtains?

  • Some curtains may have a label that reads dry clean only. Doing anything other than dry cleaning is at your own risk. Some fabrics may bleed and fade if they aren’t properly dry cleaned, and others may shrink or pill. Machine-wash unlined curtains and sheers made from cotton, nylon, and polyester.

  • How to clean curtains in a bathtub?

  • Remove the curtains from the rods where they are hung and given a good wash in the bath tub, or else send them off for dry-cleaning. Fill the tub with water up to about half way, and add some mild detergent. Put the drapes into the bath and rub them gently. Be careful not to use so much force that you tear the fabric.

    how to wash outdoor curtains

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