how to wash eclipse curtains

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Eclipse Curtains are no exemptions but they are easy to clean. Unlike other types of curtains like velvet curtains that need dry-cleaning, these curtains are machine washable. Pop them into your washing machine one curtain panel at a time to make cleaning easier. Make sure to usecold water and gentle detergent.

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  • How do you clean curtains that won’t stay up?

  • Fill a sink or a tub with a solution of cold water and mild liquid laundry detergent. Follow the small-load recommendations on the laundry-detergent bottle to determine how much detergent to add to the water. Place the curtains into the soapy water and gently wash by hand.

  • How do you clean thermal lined curtains?

  • The best way I檝e found to clean thermal lined curtains is to fill your washing machine with warm water and a little soap powder and dissolve the powder (or liquid if you use it) well. Once your washing machine has filled, put in the curtain and let it go through the wash cycle.

  • How do you wash Persil curtains?

  • Choose a 榙elicates?cycle, or a cool wash on a slower spin cycle. Persil small mighty works well in temperatures as low as 30 C. If you want to know how to wash net curtains, you can approach these as you would any other lightweight fabric.

  • How do you get water stains out of curtains?

  • Drain the sink and run clean water over the curtains to rinse the soapy water out of the fabric. Gently squeeze the curtains to remove excess water. Hang the curtains to dry using the curtain hooks. Do not use clothespins to hang curtains, and do not fold the curtain over the line to dry.

    how to wash eclipse curtains

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