how to wash dry clean curtains

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You can wash them by hands. It is a smart idea. You will have to usecold water and mild type detergent solutionto clean this curtain. You can soak them in a soapy water solution for 10 minutes or so. After soaking, you can wash the curtain and press the water from the curtain.

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  • Can You Dry Clean curtains?

  • Dry cleaning curtains if washed with water or other soft detergents or at high temperatures then it is likely to damage the curtains. If you are having a costly curtain that is not marked for water cleaning and also soft fabrics like cotton or linen, then they can be dry cleaned at home.

  • How do you wash dry clean curtains in the washing machine?

  • If you decide to wash Dry Clean Only curtains, do one panel at a time in the machine on the gentle cycle using cold water. Remove them from the machine immediately to keep the lining from wrinkling and then hang them on a laundry line or lay them flat to dry.

  • How do you get dirt out of curtains?

  • Submerge the curtains into the sudsy water. With a gentle hand, swish the fabric around in the water to loosen up dirt. Let the soapy water go down the drain or pour it out of the bucket. Replace with clean lukewarm to cool water.

  • How to clean a shower curtain?

  • You will have to remove the curtain and shake it outside of your house to clean the dust. You can check the label code and instruction for cleaning this type of curtain. You can wash this curtain in cold water on the delicate washing cycle.

    how to wash dry clean curtains

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