how to use tie backs for curtains

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Usethe curtain tiebacks. Hook the ring part of the tieback onto a wall hook. Pull the curtain towards the wall,then wrap the tieback around it.

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  • How do you use curtain tiebacks?

  • Curtain tieback. Use curtain tiebacks with formal traditional draperies by positioning the tieback post two-thirds down from the top of a standard window. Restrain the draperies with a curtain tieback made of the same fabric as the draperies or the traditional rope and tassel design.

  • How to make elegant curtain tiebacks with seashells?

  • Instead of wood beads and crystals, you can string in your collection of seashells for making elegant curtain tiebacks. They look delicate on voile or net curtains. If you have a large and funky necklace, you can use it as a stunning curtain tie back. The glittery ones look beautiful on sheer white curtains.

  • How big should a curtain tieback ring be?

  • See how to calculate more accurately below. 4 curtain rings approximately 1 inch (2.5cm) diameter. Gather one of your curtains with a tape measure at the point you wish your tieback to sit, so the curtain is drawn back in the way you want it to be.

  • How do you hang a tieback on a wall?

  • Use the curtain tiebacks. Hook the tieback onto the wall hook. Pull the curtain towards the wall, then wrap the tieback around it. Hook the other side of the tieback onto the hook. Cut a 22-inch (55.88-centimeter) long piece of flexible, aluminum wire. Use a pair of heavy-duty wire cutters to do this.

    how to use tie backs for curtains

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