how to use shower curtain

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  • Can shower curtains be used for other purposes?

  • Christie Leu, of Maryland-based Christie Leu Interiors, admits to using shower curtains for several other purposes. 淵ou can repurpose lovely fabric for a window shade or panel,?she says. 淚t is rare that there may not be a bit of sewing involved to make it the right length, and clip on rings can be added easily.?/div>Can You Use Shower Curtains on Windows? | Real Simple

  • How to use a shower curtain liner?

  • How To Use It. You can use the shower curtain liner to create a little 渕ini-ocean?for your children in the sand. Simply dig a wide, shallow hole in the sand. Then take the shower curtain liner and lay it on top of the hole, making sure to tuck the ends into the sand so that it stays firmly in place.

  • How do you thread a shower curtain hook?

  • Thread the shower curtain hooks/rings through the curtain and liner. Starting from the left side, thread one ring through the holes of both the curtain and the liner. Then move on to the next hole, repeating the same process. Continue threading until all 12 rings have been threaded through all 12 holes.

  • How do you fix a shower curtain that won’t stay up?

  • Double check that the liner is on the wet side of the shower and the curtain is on the dry side, facing out into the bathroom. Confirm that the rod is sturdy and the curtain slides easily.

    how to use shower curtain

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