how to use grommets for curtains

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Grommets are small rings which are fastened to the curtains, that help in hanging them up and also to make tiny holes in the fabric. All you have to do is toput a curtain rod through the grommet and hang them up. You need not worry about the grommets being too delicate to hold on to the curtain rod and the fabric of the curtains.

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  • How do you hang grommets on a curtain panel?

  • The 4?hem across the top of the curtain panel allows for the grommets to hang properly. Then, account for the amount of fabric that actually hangs above your curtain rod. Add that number to your final finished length. You can find grommets in several home decor stores and online.

  • What is a grommet and how do you use it?

  • A grommet is a tool that can be both functional and decorative. It is a small ring that is used to create a structured hole in a variety of projects. Its main purpose is to keep the edges of a fabric or material from fraying or damaging. When Do You Use a Grommet? Grommets are commonly used on banners and curtains, among other things.

  • Where can I buy grommet tape for curtains?

  • You can find grommet tape online or at fabric stores. It is typically sold by the yard. The amount you檒l need will depend on how full you want your curtains to look. Make sure the grommets you purchase to go with the tape matches the diameter of the holes on the grommet tape.

  • How many grommets do I Need?

  • Spacing of the grommet varies on the count of grommets needed. Stay with an even number. If I have a bolt width of fabric, I use the full 8 pack, if I cut the panel in half, I only use 4 of them.

    how to use grommets for curtains

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