how to use curtain rod extender

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  • How to add rod extensions to curtain rods?

  • Decorator Tricks for Curtain Rod Extensions 1 Slip and Slide. Some curtain rod sets are actually two pieces of hollow metal: one piece is slightly narrower than the other, sliding inside the first to create an adjustable … 2 A Turn of the Screw. … 3 Use a Secure Sleeve. … 4 Inner Piece Connectors. …

  • What can be used to connect two curtains together?

  • In some cases, a wooden dowel or cork may be used to connect two rods. A curtain rod bracket under each connection point holds the structure safely in place. What Type of Curtains Can Be Used on Tension Rods?

  • How do you hang a curtain rod on a wall?

  • The curtains are hung on curtain rods, which are themselves placed on brackets that extend out from the wall. Ideally, you want to install the brackets into the wall studs if possible, as the studs provide extra support for the brackets as they hold up the weight of the curtain rod and curtains.

  • Can you add more than one bracket to a curtain rod?

  • In fact, you may wish to add more than one extra bracket for added security. For wooden dowel curtain rods, a connector screw — a screw with threads at each end — holds two identical rods together. Hunker instructs homeowners to drill a pilot hole in one end of each of the two matching dowels, and then insert the connector screw.

    how to use curtain rod extender

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