how to use clip rings on curtains

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Unfold your curtain all the way and place a clip ring at either end,on the top edge of the panel. Fold your curtain in half so the two clip rings meet. Put a clip ring on the other end. Fold your curtain in half again,and place two clip rings on each fold at the other end.

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  • How to install ring clips on curtain panels?

  • Grab your curtain panels and ring clips and let get started! Begin by folding the top of your curtain panel in half and then in half again. In one hand, you should have both ends of the panel as well as a folded end. This is where the ring clips come in. Add one ring clip to each of the ends and the in middle of the fold.

  • How do you hide curtain rings with curtains?

  • HERE橲 THE QUICK TIP ON HOW TO HIDE CURTAIN RING CLIPS: just pinch the back of the curtains and clip the rings an inch or so down from the top. You can do this before you hang the curtain and then slide the rings onto the rod, or hang the rings on the rod and then clip the curtains up.

  • What is the best way to hang a curtain rod?

  • Ring Clips. One of the most popular methods for hanging drapery is ring clips which are clipped to the top edge of the drapery panel with rings sliding over the rod. You can use this method to hang any type of drapery panel, since you simply clip the ring to the panel.

  • How far apart do you put curtain clip rings?

  • The general guideline is to attach clips every 2 to 4 inches. The heavier the curtains, the closer you should attach the curtain clip rings. To attach curtain clip rings to rod pocket curtains: Remove the curtains from the curtain rod. Determine the number of clip rings per panel required by measuring the width of each panel.

    how to use clip rings on curtains

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