how to use a steamer on curtains

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Plug the steamerinto the socket,fill the water reservoir,let it heat up for 25 seconds and steam your curtains nice and fresh again. Grab the bottom of the curtain with your free hand to straighten the fabric. Press the steamer against the curtain and press the steam button.

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  • How to steam curtains without damaging them?

  • Know the process of steaming curtains ?Pour water into the steamer water tank according to the manufacturer instructions and allow the water to heat entirely. Allow 2-3 minutes for the steamer to heat up completely. Hold the nozzle 6 inches from the drapes. Begin at the top of the curtain and steam going down.

  • How do you use a MyMy fabric steamer?

  • My directions are based on this steamer. Fill the reservoir with distilled water. It is important to use distilled water to prevent mineral deposits from clogging the water system. Plug the handheld fabric steamer into an electrical outlet and allow it to heat up.

  • What is the best steam cleaner for curtains?

  • The Ivation is a 1500-watt, heavy-duty steamer. It is suitable for cleaning garments and steaming any type fabrics as its nozzle continually bursts powerful steam up to 98 degree Celsius. It heats up within 45 seconds. There are many ways to clean curtains at home depending on the type of fabric they are made of.

  • What equipment do you need to steam curtains?

  • All you need is a steamer and a support. The process of steaming your curtains is fairly straightforward, says Lewenhaupt, and the only equipment you need is a steaming tool攈e recommends Steamery’s Cirrus No.2 ($130,, which works on both clothes and home textiles 攁nd a support, like a ladder or chair.

    how to use a steamer on curtains

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