how to upcycle curtains

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  • How can I reuse or recycle old curtains?

  • Hang a curtain rod and hang your old curtain from it. Use wire to hang your picture frame from the curtain rod to give it a floating appearance. You can find instructions here. Curtains can be turned into a super cute apron. Especially if they are kitchen valences and have a 渒itchen?pattern.

  • How do you make a canopy bed out of old curtains?

  • Instead of purchasing an actual canopy bed, you can use those old curtains to make your own bed canopy. Sheer curtains work really well for this. You just attach them to the ceiling on a rod and they hang down over the bed.

  • What can I do with an old curtain panel?

  • This is a great rustic decorating hack that is as easy as it is beautiful and it檒l only cost you an old unused curtain panel. 7. Easy DIY Curtain Market Bag This gorgeous market bag is actually made from an old curtain!

  • Can you make napkins out of old curtains?

  • Lovely Homemade Cloth Napkins You can make lovely sets of matching cloth napkins from those old curtains ?and this pairs beautifully with the DIY table runner that you can also make from your curtain panels. Just decide what size you want the napkins to be, cut and hem.

    how to upcycle curtains

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