how to unwrinkle curtains

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Spritz the curtains with plain waterto remove the wrinkles. Fill a clean spray bottle with plain water and spray the curtains wherever you spot wrinkles or spray them all over until they檙e damp. Then,let the curtains hang while they air dry.

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  • How to remove wrinkles from curtains and drapes?

  • However, for more stubborn wrinkles, use a cloth over the fabric side of the drapes or curtains if you need to use a high setting. You could also spray water over the fabric and gently iron on low setting to smooth out the wrinkles.

  • How to clean drapes and curtains without washing?

  • Dryer ?You can also put the drapes and curtains inside the dryer (without washing them first) with a wet or damp towel using a delicate or permanent press cycle. Fabric Steamer ?After installing the drapes and curtains on a rod, fill fabric steamer with water. After the water gets heated, slowly move the fabric steamer over the drapes.

  • How to iron curtains without ruining them?

  • If you have an iron with a steam setting, fill it with water and turn it on. Once it ready, hold the iron up against the curtains so that it about 6 in (15 cm) away from the fabric. Then, press the button on the iron to release the steam and move the iron back and forth over the wrinkled areas.

  • How do you Dry curtains with towels in the dryer?

  • Place the towel or washcloth into the dryer with the curtains and run the dryer on low to medium heat for about 20 to 30 minutes. Then, remove the curtains immediately and hang them up again.

    how to unwrinkle curtains

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