how to tie your curtains

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Lay the curtain out,wrong side up. Place a folded tie flush with each side edge of the curtain so that the folds of the ties lie 1cm below the top folded edge and the ends of the ties hang free above the curtain.

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  • How to tie back curtains in a knot?

  • Create a loop with the line on your right, line B. Try to leave at least 4 to 5 in (10 to 13 cm) of space between the loop and and the end of line B, so you can tie back your curtains in a comfortable knot. Note that the loop itself only needs to be about 2 in (5.1 cm) long, depending on the size of your cord overall.

  • How do you tie-dye a curtain?

  • Immerse your entire curtain in the prepared dye, using the tub-dyeing method, and then slowly pull out a section at a time so that the sections immersed for the longer periods get progressively darker. Traditional tie-dyeing creates color patterns with folds and fabric creases.

  • How do you tie curtains with a tassel cord?

  • If you檙e using a tasseled cord, make sure that there at least 2 to 3 in (5.1 to 7.6 cm) between the end of the loop and the top of the tassel. You檒l be creating a knotted bow with your drapery tie, then using the loops of this bow to hold your curtains back.

  • How do I choose the best tiebacks for curtains?

  • Tiebacks come in a nearly endless variety of styles. If your curtains are a solid color, you can choose tiebacks that are the same color or a complimentary shade. If you have patterned curtains, try choosing tiebacks that have one or more colors that are present in the patterns. You can purchase tiebacks anywhere home furnishings are sold.

    how to tie your curtains

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