how to tie curtains that are too long

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  • How to tie back curtains in a knot?

  • Create a loop with the line on your right, line B. Try to leave at least 4 to 5 in (10 to 13 cm) of space between the loop and and the end of line B, so you can tie back your curtains in a comfortable knot. Note that the loop itself only needs to be about 2 in (5.1 cm) long, depending on the size of your cord overall.

  • What do you do if your curtains are too long?

  • For curtains that are way too long, you may have a lot of excess fabric left. You can trim this extra material at the end, but if you don’t want to cut the curtains, make 2 or 3 folds so the excess material is tucked in neatly.

  • How do you fold a curtain to make it look like curtains?

  • Fold the curtain, wrong sides together, along the two-thirds line and press the fold. Fold the curtain again on the one-third line, matching it to the three-thirds line. Fold both layers together and press on this fold. Clip the curtain to the rings on this fold.

  • Can curtains be longer on one side than the other?

  • As you fold the curtains under, slide straight pins horizontally through the fabric to secure it. You’ll take these pins out later, so don’t worry if they show through the front of the curtains. Sometimes curtains can actually be a little longer on one side than the other.

    how to tie curtains that are too long

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