how to tie back curtains

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Wrap the tieback around the curtain and secure it on the hook. The tieback should fit easily onto the hook when it is wrapped around the curtain. Tie your curtains with a strand of pearls for a feminine look. A strand of pearls used as a curtain tieback can look pretty and elegant,especially when used with pink or ivory curtains.

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  • How do you hang a tieback curtain on a wall?

  • Use the curtain tiebacks. Hook the tieback onto the wall hook. Pull the curtain towards the wall, then wrap the tieback around it. Hook the other side of the tieback onto the hook. Cut a 22-inch (55.88-centimeter) long piece of flexible, aluminum wire.

  • How to tie back curtains with re-purposed materials?

  • Here is a unique idea to tie back curtains with re-purposed materials. Old spoons are heated and bent to make an excellent holder for curtains. If you wish, you can cut a cute baby elephant from a piece of cardboard, paint it and stick it in the middle of the spoon tie back for a kid room.

  • What is a tie-back curtain?

  • Like other curtains, tie-backs are long and loose when they’re blocking light, but as the name suggests, they’re tied back in the middle when you don’t need to block light. They’re a versatile window treatment option and what you use to tie back the curtain, from fabric to a horseshoe holder to corded ribbon, is entirely up to you.

  • How far down should a curtain tieback go?

  • Most curtain tiebacks are located between halfway and 2/3rds of the way down a curtain, and about 3 inches (7.6 cm) from the edge of the window. For very tall windows, such as two-story windows, you may need to place your tiebacks based on how the curtains look as well as where you can reach to adjust them.

    how to tie back curtains

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