how to tie a tie up shade curtain

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How to TieTie-UpShadesFold the shadesup from the bottom to raise them. Grasp the ties hanging down from the shades. Tie the two ties on the left side of the shade together in a standard bow. Tie the two ties on the right side of the shade together in a standard bow using the same technique you used on the left side.

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  • How do you attach a tie to a lamp shade?

  • The edge of the tie should be at 9?from each side of the shade. With right sides together pin the top of the shade and then one of the ties, then the bottom half of the shade, then the other tie. Pin in place. 8. Now pin the rest of the shade with right sides together.

  • What can I use to tie back curtains?

  • Use bits of holiday or seasonal fabric, decorative scarves or runners, or festive ribbons to tie back your curtains. Change them out every season or for each holiday. Let’s say you have a pair of white panels in your living room window. For Christmas, you might use a red velvet ribbon as a tieback.

  • How do you tie curtains to make them sparkle?

  • You can also use cuff bracelets or even tiaras to add sparkle to your curtains. This method will work best if you have 2 similar brooches or if you have your curtains on a track and only need to tie them to one side. Get a boho look by securing your curtains with scarves.

  • How do you dress up a window without curtains?

  • Tie-up shades are a great way to add some texture to a window as well as do something other than long curtains. Because these will be in my playroom I didn want curtains hanging to the floor. I saw lots of curtains rods being pulled down if I chose to go that route. So this was a simple way to dress up the windows and still offer some privacy. 1.

    how to tie a tie up shade curtain

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