how to take curtains up

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One of the easiest ways to take up curtains is byfluffing them up. If you檙e using a straight rod,just pull on the top of your curtain and let it fall back down. A curved or arched rod will require more work:

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  • How to make curtains step by step?

  • Steps 1 Plan the length. With your curtains hung in place, measure the required drop. … 2 Plan the hems. Take down the curtains and unpick the stitches that join the lining to the curtain, going sufficiently high to allow you to work on the two … 3 Remake the hem. … 4 Complete the curtains. …

  • How do you fix long curtains that are too long?

  • Hem your curtains if they remain too long.Take your curtains to a local seamstress or hem the fabric yourself. Cut your fabric slightly longer than your desired length, then pin your fabric up with needles.

  • How do you fold a curtain for a curtain runner?

  • (We should be looking at the back of the curtain fabric, or lining fabric, with the header tape along the top edge). Fold the top down so that the fold is level with the pins. When doing this, we are folding so that we can see the face fabric along the top of the curtain.

  • How do you unpick and sew curtains?

  • Pin and use a pencil to draw on the new line. Fold over quite a chunky hem as the weight helps the curtains to hang. As long as you use a tape measure and keep double checking your lengths, the actual unpicking and sewing is very straightforward. Can’t open the link, if they are light weight use wonder web.

    how to take curtains up

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