how to style 70s curtain bangs

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  • Are curtain Bangs back in style?

  • Curtain bangs are back! The face-framing fringe look is usually worn with a slight part down the middle, creating a curtain effect across your forehead. Made famous in the ?0s and ?0s, this look is oh-so-stylish. If you recently got curtain bangs and are regretting them, it could be because you just don know how to style them!

  • What are the best curtain hairstyles of the 70s?

  • Curtain fringe of the 70s matches most women, so you can rarely get it wrong. Curtain haircut with feathered bangs not only looks feminine but also helps to improve some aspects of appearance, such as protruding cheekbones. Stylish pastel pink combined with melted roots scores additional points.

  • How to style curtain fringe hair?

  • While the final look will largely depend on the haircut, the correct styling of the bangs matters a lot, too. According to TikTok hair trends, the best way to style curtain fringe is with a round brush and a blow dryer. Put the brush on top and dry your bangs backward before letting it fall in place.

  • How to style curtain bangs with a flat iron?

  • For this, you will need to take one side of your curtain bangs and use a flat iron to twist layers away from your face. If you have natural curls or waves, style your locks as usual and push your curls to the sides to open up the forehead.

    how to style 70s curtain bangs

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