how to straighten curtains

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  • How to get curtains to hang straight?

  • The first step in how to get curtains to hang straight is to steam the panels once they檙e hung on your rods. This is so much easier than ironing them by hand and the steamer really gives you a smooth finish that an iron can quite produce. The next step is to climb up on your ladder and arrange the folds at the top of the panel.

  • How to remove wrinkles from curtains?

  • The dampness and weight of the curtains will smooth out the wrinkles over the next few hours. If the curtains still appear wrinkled after 24 hours, repeat the treatment or try another option. 3 Use a handheld steamer to remove wrinkles from the curtains.

  • How to clean drapes and curtains without washing?

  • Dryer ?You can also put the drapes and curtains inside the dryer (without washing them first) with a wet or damp towel using a delicate or permanent press cycle. Fabric Steamer ?After installing the drapes and curtains on a rod, fill fabric steamer with water. After the water gets heated, slowly move the fabric steamer over the drapes.

  • How to choose the right curtains for your home?

  • Curtains that hang with almost perfect symmetry can help set the tone for your room decor. When your curtains display a distracting flare or uneven look, try to tame the stiffness for a more tailored look.

    how to straighten curtains

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