how to stop light from coming through top of curtains

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Generally speaking,a valance is basically a portion of a curtain that covers the very top. However,you can take ascarf-style valance (View on Amazon) and drape it over the top. This will block a portion of the light or more depending on the thickness of the valance.

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  • How to install curtains to stop light from coming through windows?

  • Position the brackets about three inches above the window and three inches from the side of the window. Then you need to drill your brackets back in to secure the rod in place. Now place your curtains and they should clear the top and sides of the window to stop light from getting in. 3. Your Curtains Are Too Far Away From The Window

  • Why do my curtains come out too far from the window?

  • If your curtains are coming out too far away from the window, as in the length between the rod and the edge of the window is too much due to the brackets, then this will cause light to come through the window. When your curtains are hanging far from the windows, then too much light can get through.

  • How do you block out sunlight around the edges of curtains?

  • Blocking out sunlight around the edges of your curtains this way involves using individual blinds that would typically hang in front of your window, as light-blocking barriers between the curtain and your window trim. If you don have any spare window blinds hanging around, you can always order a set of replacement blinds for pretty cheap.

  • How to Darken windows without drapes or curtains?

  • It does this by obscuring your window with its mesh-like material. However, since it reduces sunlight, this should be used in conjunction with the options available here. 10. Window Tint Film To prevent light from coming through the top of your curtain, you can apply a window film treatment. This will darken the windows without drapes or curtains.

    how to stop light from coming through top of curtains

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