how to stop light above curtains

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Three methods for blocking out the light around the edges of your curtainsMethod 1: Applying magnetic tape to your curtains. One of the best methods for blocking the light around your curtains is the 渕agnetic tape?method. …Method 2: Installing a wrap around curtain rod. Using a wrap around curtain rod or return rod is one of the most natural-looking ways to block off light from around …Method 3: Attaching light blocking window blinds. Blocking out sunlight around the edges of your curtains this way involves using individual blinds that would typically hang in front of your …

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  • How do you keep light from coming through a curtain?

  • Velcro Strips for Preventing Light through Curtain If you already have drapes or other window coverings but want to completely block out light, use small velcro strips. Add these to your window covering and the wall on both sides of the window. This will still allow you to open the curtains and let light in whenever you want.

  • Do curtains block out light 100%?

  • No matter how thick a curtain or drape is, it cannot effectively block out light 100%. This type of window covering also prevents warm air from escaping, which can make your room hot and uncomfortable.

  • How to block out light through curtains with magnetic tape?

  • Apply Magnetic Tape: This is one of the easiest things that you can implement to block out unnecessary light. You just need to have a magnetic tape and superglue handy. For successful implementation, line the sides and top of your curtains with the tape, and then apply the pieces of the tape for the top and sides of your window as well.

  • Why does light shine around the edges of my curtains?

  • Using the wrong size curtains is the most obvious reason why light might be shining around the edges of your curtains. You can have the best curtains in the world but if they are simply too small for your windows, you still will have light spilling over. 淗ow can you fix this??you might ask.

    how to stop light above curtains

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