how to stick foil balloons on curtains

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  • How do you blow up foil balloons?

  • All foil balloons have a small, 1? in (2.5?.1 cm) filling tab designed to easily blow up your balloons. Typically, this is on the outside of the balloon toward the bottom, and the tab is secured by 2-3 layers of plastic. For instance, you can find this approximately where you attach a string to a standard balloon. 2

  • How to keep a balloon inflated?

  • Doing this automatically secures your balloon, as the filling tab is self-sealing. You can attach the balloon to a string or tape it to a wall or post for instance. If you fill your balloon with air from a straw, your balloon should stay inflated for about 1 month or longer. Get an air pump with a narrow tip for best results.

  • How do you fill a balloon with plastic?

  • There are typically 2 layers of plastic inside the filling tab. Slip the tip of the pump in between the plastic layers so you can fill up the balloon. Hold the plastic seal tightly so the air doesn come out.

  • How do you decorate with balloons?

  • To decorate with balloons, try tying the strings on helium balloons to golf tees in your yard or taping them to the floor if you’re decorating inside. If you’re using non-helium balloons, tape them to a wall or hang them upside down from the ceiling. You can also tie a bunch of balloons together to make different shapes, like an arch, flowers …

    how to stick foil balloons on curtains

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