how to spot clean curtains

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Spot clean small stains withdish soap and warm water. If your curtain can be washed,it can be spot cleaned with warm water and soap as well. In a small cup,mix a dash of dish soap with 1 cup (8.0 fl oz) of warm water in a bowl. Dampen a clean sponge in your soap and water and hold the curtain near the stain in your nondominant hand.

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  • How to remove small spots and stains from the curtains?

  • The care labels on your curtains do not tell you how to remove small spots and stains. Most of the time when we notice a stain, we cannot identify it. One thing to look for is a slightly greasy outer edge, which indicates an oily composition. First treatment for this type of spot is to dust on some talcum powder and brush gently.

  • How to clean drapes and curtains?

  • Inspect the window treatments for stains before washing. Pre-treat stains and spot clean before washing your drapery or curtains. Choose cold water and the delicate cycle. Use mild laundry detergent for the washer. Give the drapes or curtains plenty of room in the washing machine so they are not crushed, especially as they tumble or agitate.

  • How to clean sheer curtains with vinegar?

  • If you see any spot marks on your sheer curtains, you can use water and a mild detergent. Use a clean wet sponge to blot the stain, then dab with white wine vinegar. Alternate between dabbing with the sponge and vinegar until the stain has lifted and remember to do a spot check first.

  • How do you clean Blockout curtains?

  • If your curtain has a lining, as many blockout curtains do, then hang your curtains outside and gently sponge clean them with mild detergent. Remember to rinse with cold water and leave to try. Make sure the back of the curtain is hanging freely and not leaning up against anything.

    how to spot clean curtains

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