how to shower without a shower curtain

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Glass shower door

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  • How to clean shower curtain without damaging it?

  • For mildly dirty shower curtains, you do not need anything other than baking soda and detergent. However, if there is a lot of mildew and other stains on your curtain, add bleach. After adding your baking soda and detergent, turn the machine on.

  • What is the best shower door without a curtain?

  • A glass shower door is a sleek and modern look for a shower and a great alternative for a shower without a curtain. This one is completely clear, making the space appear larger and brighter than if a curtain was blocking off that whole section.

  • How to install a shower curtain?

  • How to Install a Shower Curtain. Explore this Article. parts. 1 Measuring Your Installation Height. 2 Installing a Tension Rod. 3 Installing a Mounted Rod. 4 Hanging the Shower Curtain and Liner. + Show 1 more…

  • What can I use instead of a shower curtain?

  • It still allows you to have an elegant shower and is a great replacement to a shower curtain. In this example, the bold black panes of the glass sliding panel add some personality and pop to the room, especially when paired with the white walls and white subway tiles of the shower.

    how to shower without a shower curtain

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