how to shorten curtains with lining

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  • How to shorten curtains?

  • How To Shorten Curtains 1 Gather Materials 2 Remove Heading Tape 3 Measure 4 Reattach Heading Tape 5 Finish the Curtains

  • How do you trim the lining of a curtain?

  • This time before we move the top fabric out of the way, we need to trim the lining fabric to the required length. To do this, start with your tape measure just touching the very bottom of your new face fabric hem, and measure down 1.5 inches (3.5 cm). Add a marker pin and repeat the process across the width of your curtain.

  • How do you fix a split curtain that won’t stay up?

  • Remove all loose or part threads from the curtain and the tape. Lay out the curtain on a clean, flat surface with the lining side uppermost. Ensure that the bottom edge of the curtain and bottom edge of the lining are running level and parallel with one another.

  • How do you make curtains with two hems?

  • Take down the curtains and unpick the stitches that join the lining to the curtain, going sufficiently high to allow you to work on the two new hems. Make a note of the measurements of the existing curtain and lining hems, so that you can make the new hems the same size. These will often be double hems. Remake the hem.

    how to shorten curtains with lining

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