how to sew velvet curtains

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Sewingvelvet curtains is an easy task if you have the correct supplies on hand. Start by following the pattern and marking the top and bottom edges of your fabric. Then,sew the edge of the fabric to the marked line using a zigzag stitch.

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  • How do you Hem a velvet curtain with fabric tape?

  • Place liner on the backside of the velvet fabric and use fabric tape to attach the two pieces together. Make a 1-inch hem on all sides of the curtain except for the top. This can be done with fabric tape, with a needle and thread or with a sewing machine.

  • Can you sew velvet curtains with a sewing machine?

  • Velvet as a luxuriously soft fabric is useful for numerous different items when sewed using a sewing machine. It is particularly great for creating stately looking sound and light blocking curtains. While they look expensive and beautiful, making velvet curtains are really a labor of love more than anything else.

  • How do you tell if a curtain is made of velvet?

  • Run your hand over the velvet side of your curtain to feel the soft grain of the velvet. Mark the back of the fabric with an arrow to indicate the grain or nap of the fabric and to ensure that all pieces of your curtain will run in the same direction.

  • How do I sew Velvet?

  • Use a slightly longer stitch length to sew your Velvet, but as always, be sure to try a variety of stitches for your individual fabric, as this may vary! A longer stitch will help accommodate the pile of the Velvet. Cut edges of Velvet and any seam will continue to unravel and fray if left unfinished, with wash and wear.

    how to sew velvet curtains

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