how to sew fringe on curtains

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Lay the wrong side of the fringeagainst the right side of the panel; the right side of the fringeis showing. Insert pins into the fringetape perpendicular to the tape edge. This holds the fringein place while you sew. If you are sewingthe fringeto an edge, keep the top edge of the fringe tape parallel to the edge of the panel.

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  • How do you keep fringe from unraveling on curtains?

  • The top and bottom of your fringe may need to be folded under 1/4 inch and secured with more glue to keep from unraveling. You can also singe the tip carefully with a lighter or a coat of clear nail polish to prevent unraveling. Flip over the top of the curtain if you want to hide grommets and clip curtain rings for hanging.

  • How do you make curtains look good with trim?

  • Take your plain curtains up a notch by adding trim to the inside and/or outside edges with tassel, fringe, or ribbon trim. Similarly, add ribbon trim 2-3 inches to the inside of the edges as I did for my bedroom makeover. Or, add trim at the bottom of your curtains. How do you update old curtains?

  • How do you hang curtains with two panels of fabric?

  • Again, pin the fabric and sew as close as possible to the folded-in edge, two inches from the edge of the fabric, using a backstitch if using a handheld needle. Repeat for the other panel. Snip any loose threads that may be lingering, then clip the curtain rings to the top of both panels, spacing them evenly, and hang them on a curtain rod.

  • How do you make fringes with knit fabric?

  • This is one of the best ways to make fringe trims ?because knit never ravel. You can just simply cut the fabric edges very thinly. A slight stretching of these fringes will make small curls, if that is the look you want. Knot into bunches if you want to.

    how to sew fringe on curtains

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