how to sew curtain tie backs

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Sew along two of the edges,using a -inch (1.27-centimeter) seam allowance. Sew along the long edge and one of the narrow edges. Leave the other narrow edge open so that you can turn the curtain tieback inside out. 4 Turn the curtain tieback inside out.

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  • How do you make a tieback out of curtains?

  • Choose a color and pattern that matches your curtains. This will be enough to make one fabric tieback. If you’d like to make a another, simply cut a second piece of fabric. If you’d like to make larger tiebacks, try 9 by 30 inches (22.86 by 76.2 centimeters) instead.

  • How do you measure for curtain tie backs?

  • Once you have hung your curtains, scoop the fabric away from the window to how it would be with the tie-backs. Loop a tape measure around the gathered curtain so that it mimics the tie-back and note how many inches it is. Make sure to add extra inches if you are planning to tie it into a knot or bow.

  • Do curtain tie-backs have to be practical?

  • As tie-backs do have to be practical it is important to consider the weight of your curtains in order to ensure the material you choose for your tie-backs can successfully hold back your curtains. Learning how to make curtain tie-backs is a great way to be able to put your own creative touch into your home dcor.

  • How to make elegant curtain tiebacks with seashells?

  • Instead of wood beads and crystals, you can string in your collection of seashells for making elegant curtain tiebacks. They look delicate on voile or net curtains. If you have a large and funky necklace, you can use it as a stunning curtain tie back. The glittery ones look beautiful on sheer white curtains.

    how to sew curtain tie backs

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