how to sew curtain heading tape

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Straight stitch along the top and bottom of the tape. Take the material over to your sewing machine and use a simple straight stitch to sew across the top of the tape so it’s attached to the liner. Then,sew straight stitches along the bottom of the tape so it’s completely secure.

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  • Where can I buy simple heading tape for curtain making?

  • Pencil pleat heading tape the length of the un-pleated fabric. You can find a range of affordable soft furnishing fabrics and curtain making accessories at Terry Fabrics. If you are new to curtain making, a modest pair of unlined curtains with a simple heading tape is the perfect place to start.

  • How do you sew header tape to a curtain panel?

  • Machine stitch the lower edge of the header tape to the curtain panel, then sew the folded-under ends of the tape along the sides of the panel. Measure each panel from the top to make sure the panels are the same length, then fold under 1/2 inch along the lower hem edge.

  • How do you trim the bottom edge of curtain tape?

  • Trim any fabric protruding from the bottom edge of the curtain tape. Stitch along the bottom edge of the curtain tape and snip off the excess thread. Important!

  • How do you use a gathering tape on curtains?

  • Gathering tapes come in different widths. Some have just two strings, some have more. For heavier fabrics, use a wider piece to get better gathers. This one has four strings. Make a narrow hem on either side of your curtain panel. Make a large hem on the top and bottom. Fold over an inch or so and press. Then fold over about four inches and press.

    how to sew curtain heading tape

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