how to reuse curtains

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5 Smart Ways to Reuse Old Curtains:Grab an old curtain,make some flowers with the twist and tie method,use them in five versatile ways like a hair clip,on shoes,on sofa pillow,on a picture frame,and styling up a scarp top with. Get the complete details here extraordinarymommy

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  • How much fabric do I need to reuse to make curtains?

  • Begin with the amount of old fabric you are retaining plus 2 inches; for example, your middle stripe of old fabric might be 24 inches deep, plus 2 inches allowance for seams. To each stripe of new fabric, add 3 inches for seam allowances. This will let you sew fabrics together and make either a top heading or a hem to complete the curtain.

  • What can I do with old curtains?

  • If your old curtains are ugly, damaged, or outdated, use them as drop cloths to catch spills and messes. Brighten up boring plastic hangers and keep clothes from slipping off by wrapping them in fabric. Cut old curtains into long, thin strips.

  • How do you reupholster old curtains?

  • Cut old curtains into long, thin strips. Start at the hook (or skip the hook and start near the hook joint) and use masking tape to adhere the starting end to the hanger. Wrap strips around the hanger, taping down the ends of each piece as you go and wrapping the next strip to cover the tape.

  • How do you make curtains with scraps of fabric?

  • Stitch the squares together along their edges into one cohesive piece of fabric, until you create the dimensions you measured at the outset. If you don have enough scraps to create a whole curtain, a valence for the top of the window can add some rustic charm.

    how to reuse curtains

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