how to replace fireplace curtain

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If you need to replace your mesh curtain for any reason,follow these simple steps. First,remove the old mesh curtain from the fireplace. To do this,simply detach the wire loops from the fireplace. Next,measure the opening of your fireplace and cut the new mesh curtain to size.

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  • Can I remove the mesh curtain from my fireplace?

  • Remove the mesh curtain from your fireplace for cleaning. The mesh curtain in front of your fireplace helps to keep your home safe by trapping any large embers that may escape from flames. The curtain is held in place by a rod secured over the front of the fireplace.

  • How to install a fireplace screen curtain?

  • If the format of the screws is somewhat different from the previous fireplace screen curtain, however, you should use the power drill and the appropriate size concrete bit to drill holes where they need to be. Use a piece of chalk to mark the places on the brick for drilling. Secure the screws into place so that they fit tightly.

  • How do you hang a curtain rod over a fireplace?

  • Repeat on the other side. Using the masonry bit in your drill, pre-drill the holes you just marked. This is where the ends of the rod will be screwed into your fireplace. Thread each rod through the rings of one curtain, then through the mounting bracket. Screw the rod into the place where you pre-drilled the holes on the side of the firebox.

  • How do I replace my curtains?

  • Replacing your curtains can be as simple as taking the curtain rod apart and sliding off the old curtains or removing the mounting bracket from the wall and installing a new one. Measure the height and width of your window.

    how to replace fireplace curtain

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