how to replace curtains

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How to Replace CurtainsMeasure the height and width of your window. Multiply the width measurement by two to find the width of your curtains.Remove the old curtains and curtain rod.Remove the screws from the curtain rod brackets and remove them from the wall.Measure 2 inches from either end of the window and mark this point on the wall. This is where you will install the new window mounting brackets.Hold the mounting brackets up to the wall on the 2-inch point and mark the screw holes onto the wall with a pencil.Drill pilot holes on the pencil marks.

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  • How do you replace the curtain rod on a window?

  • When you replace your window curtains, you may want to change the curtain rod and mounting brackets to fit the new curtain’s design. Replacing your curtains can be as simple as taking the curtain rod apart and sliding off the old curtains or removing the mounting bracket from the wall and installing a new one.

  • How do you add an inch to the length of curtains?

  • Use Drapery Rings: If you only need to add an inch or two to the length of your window treatments, drapery rings may be the answer. The rings slip onto the rod and are attached to the tops of your curtains or drapes with clips or pins.

  • What’s the best way to keep curtains from falling off?

  • The key to this project are drapery hooks – they happen to fit perfectly in the hole in the clips for the plastic slats and stay firmly in place (I’ve had these up not for years and they never fall off when I open and close the curtain).

  • How to replace vertical blinds with curtains?

  • Remove the old, prepare for the new. This is done by removing the vertical blinds from your windows. Removing them is easy to do. To complete the process, unscrew the brackets. You will have to install a different set of brackets which will accommodate your curtains later on.

    how to replace curtains

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