how to replace curtain cord

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  • How do I replace the pull cord on my curtains?

  • You can replace the cord instead of purchasing new curtains. Lift the curtains out of the rod brackets and place on a table. Unhook the pull cord from the tension pulley next to the window.

  • Can curtain rods be replaced?

  • Curtain rods operate with a cord system to open and close the curtain panels. Eventually, the pull cords can begin to wear out and may break due to pulling the fabric to open or close the curtains rather than using the cord. You can replace the cord instead of purchasing new curtains.

  • How do I re-attach curtain track to the wall?

  • Place pulley 2 onto track section and secure with screws. Draw the cord until the right hand carrier 1 is as far to the right as possible. Holding the cords taut, push carrier 2 as far to the left as possible. Hook cord over the lug on carrier 2 to secure it. Replace sliders at each end. Re-attach track onto brackets and re-hang curtains.

  • How do you attach a curtain rod to a curtain carrier?

  • Insert the cord into the upper carrier, and attach it to the carrier with a knot. Adjust the position of the cord in the lower carrier to take up any slack in the cord. Re-hang the curtain rod on the hangers and pull on the hanging draw strings to test the action of the carriers.

    how to replace curtain cord

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