how to put up window curtain rod

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Here how to install them:Measure the space between your two walls. …Push the rod through your curtain if the curtain has eye-holes. …Unlock the curtain rod ends and get a friend to help you extend both sides of the rod against the walls. …If you’re using curtain rings or grommet curtains,go ahead and hang your curtains on them now. …

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  • How to install curtain rods?

  • How To: Install Curtain Rods 1 A successful installation starts with selecting the right rod for your desired window treatment. A classic rod. 2 Once you檝e chosen the rod you need, measure the width of your window to determine the correct size to buy. 3 Next, measure the window height. … More items…

  • How do you measure curtain rods for window frames?

  • Use a tape measure and level to get these marks exact on both sides. Longer curtain rods may also have a center bracket that you’ll need to measure and mark. Measure up from the top of the window frame and over from the outside edge to get your exact placement. Use a pencil to mark the location of the screw holes.

  • How do you attach a rod to a window frame?

  • When the rod is level and the bracket is the right distance from the side of the window frame, mark the screw holes, take down the rod, and install the second bracket. When both brackets are secure, feed the rod through the grommets or hangers on the curtains, set the rod on the brackets, and tighten the setscrews on the brackets to secure the rod.

  • How do you hang curtains on a high window frame?

  • Determine how high to hang your curtains. Compare the measurements of your curtains and curtain rods to the window itself. Most curtain rods can adjust size to fit a variety of windows. Measure the length of the curtains to determine how high you want to hang them. Hang the curtains with your hands to the window to see the best location.

    how to put up window curtain rod

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