how to put up pencil pleat curtains

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INSTRUCTIONSMeasure width and drop of your window. Pencil pleat fullness is required 2.5 x the width of your window.Ensure the fabric is square by using a dressmaking square or lining it up against the edges of your table.Based on the measurements 2.5 times width of your window,cut across the width of the fabric. …More items…

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  • How do you hang pencil Pleat curtains?

  • Before you start to hang your pencil pleat curtains, take a look at the header tape. There are rows of strings on the header tape which are used to gather up the pleats. Our makers will sew these off at one end, which will be the leading edge, where the curtains meet.

  • How do you fix pleats in curtains?

  • Some pleats may look larger or smaller than others. Even out the pleats by gently pulling the curtain along the string. Pull the curtain until all of the pleats along the heading tape are uniform in width and shape. Choose which row to fasten the hooks onto the heading tape.

  • How do you hang a curtain with hooks?

  • – Tie off the cords into a slip knot at the opposite end before gathering the curtain – Put the hooks in the top, middle or bottom pocket (NOT the cord) roughly every fourth pocket

  • How wide should pinch pleated curtains be?

  • ?To check the correct width of your pinch pleated curtains, hold each drape up at the track or pole. Remember to allow a little overlap of around 1 inch in the middle so that you can fully close the curtains.

    how to put up pencil pleat curtains

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