how to put up extendable curtain pole

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  • Do I need an extension bracket for my Curtain Pole?

  • Finial lengths are given in the finial section. If your pole is for wave headed or widely-spaced eyelet headed curtains you will need an extension bracket. This is also needed if you have an overly protruding window sill to ensure adequate clearance between the pole and the wall.

  • How to install Curtain Poles above the main window?

  • Attach corner joints onto each end of the main curtain pole, but don tighten the angles of the corner joint just yet. Now you can sit this pole on top of the three brackets above the main window. Make sure the center of the pole sits nicely in the center bracket. Tighten the grub screws in the three brackets to hold the pole in place.

  • How do you Mount curtain rings on a pole?

  • Slide the correct number of curtain rings onto the pole, remembering to leave two rings to place at either end between the brackets and the finials. 10. Place your pole on the brackets, you may need help with an extra long pole.

  • How long does a curtain ring pole need to be?

  • Ensure you have measured correctly the length of the pole needed to fit your window. The required length is usually the width between the brackets with an additional 5 – 6cms either end of the pole so that there is enough room for one curtain ring between the bracket and the finial. 7.

    how to put up extendable curtain pole

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