how to put up curtains in an apartment

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Adapt your curtains to fit your apartment curtain rod. This can involve sewing on a strip of fabric to the drapes and inserting curtain rings or accessories compatible with it.Buy extra long curtains and hang them over the existing rod. Measure the length of your window,and buy double the length of curtain fabric. …Drape the curtains in an attractive way over the current curtain rod. …

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  • What is the best way to hang curtains?

  • If you have traditional paned windows with frames, tension rods that stretch from one side of the frame to the other are a subtle and sophisticated way to hang curtains.

  • Do you need a tap to hang curtains?

  • These curtain rod brackets only require a tap into the window trim, and you檇 be all set to hang your curtains. No long and wearisome hassle with screws and drilling. The Kwik-hang curtain rod brackets come in several colors and designs.

  • How do I choose the right curtain rod for my Window?

  • Select a curtain rod that is wider than the width your window. This will allow enough room for the panels to hang on either side of your window, and will force the panels to cover the window at all times.

  • What to do with curtain rods when moving house?

  • When it time to move out, you can pack up the rods and curtain and take them along to your next place. Using the same concept as an ordinary tension rod, twist and fit curtain rods are secured across the window. Their design gives the impression of a hook and a separate rod, when in fact, it all one piece.

    how to put up curtains in an apartment

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