how to put up curtain pole brackets

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Curtain poles usually require two brackets towards either end of the pole,positioned10cm in from the end. To position these,take your total width measurement from Step 1,and use your tape measure to mark the end points on the wall. Then mark 10cm in from each end point.

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  • How to install Curtain Poles on a plaster wall?

  • Insert one screw through the first bracket. Just drive it three-quarters of the way home so you can swivel the bracket to one side to allow for drilling the second hole. Select a screwdriver to match the screw head. Too small and it may wring the head; too big and it can gouge the plaster. Now go to the other end of the curtain pole.

  • How do you attach Curtain hooks to Curtain Poles?

  • Secure the pole to the brackets with the locking screws provided. The finials can now be fitted on the ends of the poles after placing a curtain ring between the curtain bracket and the finial, using the fixing screws provided. 12. You may now fit your curtains by slipping curtain hooks through the eyelets on the curtain pole rings.

  • How to install curtain rod brackets?

  • You can use a carpenter level measuring tape to make sure curtain rod brackets are straight. And then just mark the location of the screw holes by pointing with your pencil. Use one hand to put the bracket while you have the measuring tape or pencil in your other hand.

  • Do I need an extension bracket for my Curtain Pole?

  • Finial lengths are given in the finial section. If your pole is for wave headed or widely-spaced eyelet headed curtains you will need an extension bracket. This is also needed if you have an overly protruding window sill to ensure adequate clearance between the pole and the wall.

    how to put up curtain pole brackets

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