how to put up curtain holdbacks

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How to Install Curtain HoldbacksLook at the window treatment that covers your windows. …Make a pencil mark on one side of the window where you want to set the curtain holder. …Measure the location of the curtain holdback from the bottom of the floor on the side you marked and repeat on its opposite side and make a mark.More items…

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  • How do you measure for curtain holdbacks?

  • Measure from the edge of the window frame to that location. If it’s within 3 inches, you should be able to install the curtain holdbacks directly into the wall with long screws.

  • How do you hang drapery with tiebacks?

  • Slide the drapery holdbacks around the curtains and hold the tiebacks in place against the wall. Have a friend hold the curtains in position as you step away from the window to check how the curtains drape from the tiebacks. Adjust the holdbacks up or down to get different looks.

  • Can you use a plastic curtain holdback on a window?

  • Plastic-A plastic curtain holdback is available in various sizes and shapes, but homeowners almost always choose ones that are in white as they blend well with window treatments. We suggest you avoid using a plastic holdback to hold back a window that receives direct sun exposure as the material can become brittle over time.

  • How do you attach toggle bolts to a curtain holdback?

  • Insert the screw through the hole in the curtain holdback and thread the winged toggle bolt onto its end. Insert the toggle bolt wings by holding them while they’re collapsed through the hole until they open inside the wall. Hold the fastener taut as you screw it in so that the wings stay flat against the inside of the wall.

    how to put up curtain holdbacks

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