how to put up a curtain rail

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Saw the curtain rail to the right size with the flat side facing upwards. Gap between the rail and the wall Fit the rail so the curtain hangs freely,with a gap of 7 cm between the curtain and the wall. If you use a double rail,for example for extra outer curtains,then add another 5 cm on top of the 7 cm.

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  • How to install curtain track on curtains?

  • Once all the brackets are in place, you can fit the curtain track. In some cases, the curtain track will just lie on the brackets but in others, it will need to be secured. Ensure the curtain track is centered on the brackets. There will be a hole on the bottom part of the bracket where the curtain track sits on it.

  • How do you attach curtains to a curtain rod?

  • Installing Correctly Measure for the height of the rod. Mark where the brackets will go. Add a mid brace if needed. Drill pilot holes to help start the screws. Screw the brackets to the casing or wall. Check for level. Put the curtains on.

  • What do I need to fit curtains to a stair rail?

  • You’ll need to fit curtains that have a heading tape (look for pencil pleat headers) which attach to the rail with curtain hooks. If you want to see the curtain pole above the top of the curtains choose a curtain pole.

  • How do you hang curtains on a double wall with brackets?

  • If you檙e using double brackets, put curtains on a second set of straight curtain rods, or on a second bay window curtain rod. Place the curtain rods in the brackets. If you檙e using straight curtain rods, hang 1 rod over each window frame, or 2 rods if you檙e using double brackets.

    how to put up a curtain rail

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