how to put together a 3 piece curtain rod

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Unscrew knob from smaller diameter rod. Screw knob onto loose large diameter rod. Slide loose large diameter rod over free end of small diameter rod. You now have a three piece rod (large diameter /small diameter /large diameter)that tightens at any length by twisting,like a shower curtain rod.

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  • How do you make a curtain rod?

  • Each rod consisted of a large and small tube of metal. (not pictured: wall mounting brackets) Step 2: Remove the smaller piece of rod A and one finial from rod A. Remove one finial from rod B. Set those pieces aside. Step 3: Attach rod A to the end of the smaller tube on rod B to create one, long curtain rod. Attach a finial on either end.

  • What can be used to connect two curtains together?

  • In some cases, a wooden dowel or cork may be used to connect two rods. A curtain rod bracket under each connection point holds the structure safely in place. What Type of Curtains Can Be Used on Tension Rods?

  • How to hang a curtain rod without brackets?

  • The easiest ways to hang a curtain rod without brackets is to use command hooks, coat hooks, Kwik-Hang curtain-rod brackets, or tension rod curtains. If you want to find the best Curtain Rods, click here.

  • How do you connect two dowel curtain rods together?

  • For wooden dowel curtain rods, a connector screw — a screw with threads at each end — holds two identical rods together. Hunker instructs homeowners to drill a pilot hole in one end of each of the two matching dowels, and then insert the connector screw. A piece of dowel rod or a peg can be used in place of a screw.

    how to put together a 3 piece curtain rod

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