how to put curtains in living room

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  • What are the best living room curtain ideas?

  • When styling with overstuffed couches and dark wood furniture, breezy and sheer living room curtain ideas play well with keeping the mood romantic and classic at the same time. Light chiffon panels in a bright neutral do just the trick when hung from a decorative rod, especially when there are multiple windows…

  • What is the best way to hang Living Room drapes?

  • Curtains that break at the floor ?Hanging curtains this way is a very contemporary look and is an ideal way to hang living room drapes. The curtains are about 3 inches longer than those that float. This works best with heavier fabrics. Drapes that puddle.

  • Why do Living Room drapes go all the way to the floor?

  • When the living room drapes go all the way to the floor, it makes the room look taller and more elegant. Shorter styles of curtains are also a very dated look, so if long curtains aren possible on a particular window, you檙e better off with just blinds or a shade.

  • Should curtains be on either side of a window?

  • This will allow enough room for the panels to hang on either side of your window, and will force the panels to cover the window at all times. It also tricks your eye into thinking the window is much larger than it actually is. The rule of thumb is to go 8?12?wider than your window. You want your curtains to feel full, not skimpy.

    how to put curtains in living room

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