how to put curtains in living room

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Buy broom or mop hooks. Check the weight recommendations for the hooks and space them out according to the weight of your curtains. Make sure the hooks are close to each other,so they make an image of a rod on the ceiling. Use a ladder or a high table to install the hooks and hang your curtains on them.

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  • Can curtains go all the way to the floor?

  • If having long curtains isn possible for some reason, you檙e better off with just blinds or a shade. Part of the reason for this is that when the living room drapes go all the way to the floor, it makes the room look taller and more elegant. As explained above, there are three ways to have curtains touch the floor.

  • How to choose curtains for the living room?

  • After function, the look and feel of curtains in the living room is most important. Even minimalist spaces can benefit from curtains done in the right style. From neutral sheers to Japanese style panels, variations types of living room drapes are appropriate additions in this day and age.

  • What is the best way to hang drapes in a living room?

  • Curtains that break at the floor ?Hanging curtains this way is a very contemporary look and is an ideal way to hang living room drapes. The curtains are about 3 inches longer than those that float. This works best with heavier fabrics. Drapes that puddle.

  • What is the best way to hang curtains from the ceiling?

  • Ceiling-Mount Curtain Rods Another way to hang curtains across the room is to use ceiling-mount curtain rods, says Love and Renovations. This may be an easier way to install curtains across a narrow space or if you have a half wall separating two rooms.

    how to put curtains in living room

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