how to put curtain lights up

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You candrill small holes close to every other strand and then screw in the cup hooks. You can hang curtain lights on a regular wall or on top of a window. You can hang them in the back of a pair of sheets or in front of them; the lights also look magical in front and back of other kinds of window treatments.

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  • How do you hang curtains to block sunlight?

  • Curtains block sunlight, provide privacy and soften the somewhat abrupt edges of an undressed window. Hang your curtain panels from a rod system, which will allow you to easily pull the panels open or closed, depending on your brightness and privacy needs. 1. Determine how high to hang your curtains.

  • Are DIY curtain lights easy to make?

  • DIY Curtain Lights are Easier Than You Think! Making DIY curtain lights is a lot like reading a choose your own adventure novel. You’ll start at the beginning by creating a power source for your lights, then you have a choice to make.

  • How do you keep light from coming in through a window?

  • This approach involved lining the sides and the top of your curtains with magnetic tape and then lining the sides and top of the window with the respective other pieces of magnetic tape. In turn, the edges of your curtain will 渟tick?to the perimeter of the window and will prevent any light from coming into your room.

  • How do you hang curtains to make a window look bigger?

  • Hang the curtains with your hands to the window to see the best location. It will help to have a pal test the location of the curtains for you. Avoid framing the window too tightly, which can make it seem smaller. To make the window seem larger, hang the curtains high above it.

    how to put curtain lights up

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