how to put backing on curtains

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Carefully apply a small amount ofsilicone caulkto each place on the drapes where the thermal backing is missing using a wooden craft stick or a toothpick. Spread the silicone caulk out so it is as flat and smooth with the original thermal backing as possible but thick enough to fill the area. Also, what is thermal backing on curtains?

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  • How do you attach lining to a curtain?

  • Lay the lining on the curtain, wrong sides together. Overlap the top edge of the lining and the bottom edge of the curtain facing by 1/8 inch. Overlap the side seams at the outside seams 1/8 inch. Pin the lining in place across the top of the lining.

  • How do you hang curtains with tabs on the back?

  • Curtains with tabs on the upper, back side can be hung at least two ways. You can slide the rod through the tabs, and in some cases you skip using the tabs and opt for rings with clips. Back tabs are strips of fabric which are sewn onto the curtains, creating a row of hidden loops.

  • How do you fix worn silicone backing on curtains?

  • Dab the worn spot with a permanent black marker. Squeeze some white bathroom silicone into a small, disposable container, such as a paper ketchup cup. Sprinkle white talcum powder over the silicone and blow off the extra. About Us Trending Popular Contact How do you fix thermal backing on curtains?

  • What are back-tab curtains?

  • With back-tab curtains, the full length of the curtain fabric doesn hang below the rod. The rod slips through tabs across the upper, back side of the panels, and the top edge of the curtains stand proud above the rod by one or more inches.

    how to put backing on curtains

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