how to put a curtain up without a rod

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How to Install Curtains Without a RodInstall pleated curtains using eye screws. Measure the overall width of the curtain along the top edge and measure the space between the hook positions.Create a mounting platform with a 1-by 2-inch board. Draw a horizontal line on the wall at the desired top edge of the curtain less 1 inch.Install drawer pulls along the top line of the curtain placement and hang the curtains on these pulls with fabric loops.Attach flat curtains to the wall or window frame with hook and loop tape. …

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  • How to hang curtains without a curtain rod?

  • 17+ Clever Ways to Hang Curtains Without a Curtain Rod. 1 1. Stick On. Wondering how to hang curtains without nails or screws while still having them look like traditional drapes? Look for a stick-on curtain … 2 2. Command Hooks. 3 3. Upholstery Tacks. 4 4. Wire. 5 5. Go With a Shade Instead. More items

  • How to install curtain rods with command hooks?

  • Peel off the cover for the adhesive and then press the Command Hook into the wall on the pencil mark. You want to press hard for at least thirty seconds as the glue does its magic. Repeat this step for each Command Hook that you are using. Leave your Command Hooks on the wall before placing the curtain rod on them for at least thirty minutes.

  • How long should a curtain rod be above a window?

  • The length of the curtain rod for this type of below trim mount should be at least 3 to 5 inches beyond the window frame on each side and up to six inches for a fuller look. Method #3: Curtain Rod Installed Above The Window Trim Probably the most used and best way to mount the curtain rod is up and over the window the frame.

  • How do you wire a curtain rod with a tension cable?

  • Create 5 to 7-inch loops at the ends of the cable and fasten them with the wire clamps. Thread the wire through the curtain’s grommets, rod pockets, or tabs. Secure each end of the turnbuckles to the tension cable and the hooks. Trim the excess wire and tighten the turnbuckles to create the proper tension.

    how to put a curtain up without a rod

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