how to put a curtain scarf up

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Here how you can make this happen:Start by pulling the scarf up behind one of the edges of the curtain rod.Throw the scarf over the front of the curtain rod.Let the scarf droop down over the window center. …Then loop the curtain over the edge curtain rod once more,letting it hang down symmetrically on either side of the window. …

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  • How do you Drap a scarf over a window?

  • Try putting the scarves together lengthwise, attach them, then fold in half and cut. Drape each side equally over the windows by either draping over existing rods, or, buy new rods and hang just above the existing rods to create a curtain effect.

  • How do you hang a scarf on a curtain rod?

  • You can use a curtain rod and simply drape the scarf over the rod, or you could hang the scarf between two brackets and let it curve in the middle [source: Dummies ]. All you need is a bit of imagination. So continue reading to learn how to make and hang a simple window scarf.

  • What size scarf should I use to hang a valance?

  • For a shorter drape, it’s best to use a scarf that’s a little over twice the length of the width of the window. For several drapes or a long drape the curtain should be three to four times the width of the window. If you have rod-pocket curtains attached to the rod, your valance should hang on the outer most portion of the rod, beyond the curtain.

  • What is a window scarf?

  • A window scarf is a piece of material that simply hangs in front, or on the sides, of a window. It’s not a very elaborate curtain, but it dresses up the window nevertheless. All you really need is the material and the hardware to hang the scarf.

    how to put a curtain scarf up

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